About Us

Creating pieces from recycled wine barrels, pallets, and wine bottles, our products include candleholders, candle staves, wine racks, dog beds, cabinets, and sinks. We design our own custom products, but are also happy to take requests from our customers. We take pride in our work and repurpose materials that to some may appear to be "junk", into beautiful custom pieces that our customers will enjoy for years to come. Our unique products are beautifully repurposed from recycled materials to help keep them out of the landfills and give them a whole new life.

Personal Info

    Wernersville, PA 19565


Rent Our Furniture

We have a variety of furniture available to rent for weddings and other events. Contact us to see if we have what you need.


We are happy to refinish a piece of furniture that you would like to give a new life to.

Custom Work

Contact us if you have something in mind that you would like us to build.

Contact us if you have questions, would like to chat about a custom project, or just to tell us how much you love our work!


    484.769.3871   |   Wernersville, PA